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We are Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologists offering specialist care in pregnancy, childbirth, general gynaecology, colposcopy and vulval disease. We also practice within the National Health Service (NHS) in major London teaching hospitals.

The Consulting Suite
The Portland Hospital
212 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5QN

0207 390 8079
Fax 020 7390 8478
Gynaecology is concerned with the female genital tract and its disorders. In many areas, the specialties of gynaecology and obstetrics overlap.

Start your Gynaecological journey by following any of these links:

> Cervical screening > Colposcopy
> Loop Diathermy > After Colposcopy
> Testing for HPV > Laparoscopy
> Hysteroscopy > Hysterectomy
> Myomyectomy > Vulval Diseases
> Polycystic Ovaries > Endometriosis
> Menorrhagia

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Obstetrics is the specialty dealing with the care of women and their babies during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally.

Start your Obstetric journey by following any of these links:

> Your Obstetric Journey
> Your Obstetricians
> Obstetric Fees
> The Portland Hospital
> The Portland Midwives Booking Clinic
> Hospital Tour
> Antenatal Classes > Pregnancy FAQs

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